Our profession : the Event
Our Specialty : the Health

Whether it’s a national or international congress, passing through local meetings or seminars for the industry, SHEMS travel accompanies you at all stages of the event chain in order to make a success of your project.

Shems Travel offers a global and integrated approach of your events and puts at your service its experience in the field of coordination of projects across 4 solutions dedicated to the organization of your scientific congress


The logistics of a congress requireknow-how and skills similar to those of a true conductor to assemble and harmonize all the speakers. From the choice of the appropriate place to the management of transfers and accommodation, through the arrangement of spaces in terms of furniture and scenography, we commit ourselves to implementing the logistical means adapted to the needs of your congress. We rely on a network of service providers selected for the quality of their service, their reliability, respect of deadlines and control of costs.


Your accounting constraints are taken into account by our team. We have a good knowledge of the requirements of the public accounting and control the methods of payment of the laboratories, as well as the rules relating to Tenders.
In this way, we can ensure that your event is managed appropriately.

– Preparation of the budget Establishment of an account dedicated to the event Revenue collection

– Regulations.

– Billing

– Final budget


Save time and reduce the risk of errors

a dedicated team is in charge of the daily lives of inscriptions, of the opening of the file to the 1st day of the Congress. Our registration platform ensures the performance of the Secretariat.

– Customized and Dedicated to Your Event

– Web Interface for the online registration secure

– Creation of an internet page and parameterization of a bulletin of online registration

– Secure Online Payment

– Information Service to conventioneers & the Management of Abstracts

– Control of inscriptions, recording and sending confirmations


A considerable part of the success of a Congress depends on the media coverage and of the means of communication put in place to target groups and key partners. Our goal is that the information reaches all audiences identified and potentially interested by your Congress.

– Reflection on the visual identity of the event, declination graph

– Strategic thinking and drafting of the communication plan and plan media

– print jobs

– Visibility on site